Is Sydney Running Out of Roadways?

Sydney City TrafficFor any visitor to Sydney, they may not initially realise the basis for this question. However for Sydney residents who live and breath the Sydney roads they understand all too well where this question stems from.

Sydney is only a relatively small city in the world standards. With a population of some 5 million residents, it is small compared to the massive cities or China, India, Brasil and USA. However for Australia Sydney is the largest of all its cities.

The impact of Sydney’s traffic situation is most noticeable during peak times in weekday mornings and evenings. The roads are congested and overcrowded.

People who live out west, where the house prices are typically cheaper, travel into the city to attend their work. And people who live in the east travel out west to attend their jobs also. Sydney’s CBD is a challenge to get in and out of at the best of times however peak traffic is the worst.

To overcome the city traffic there are tunnels that go underneath the city. These include the Eastern distributor and cross city tunnels which run perpendicular across the underground of the city. Of course Sydney also has a vast network of underground trains too. Which makes anyone wonder how solid such a structure is.

Even with all the tunnels underneath the great city of Sydney, traffic is still a major issue. And with the countries and cities population steadily increasing there is not much more room for road expansion.

The only way for the city to expand is to go outward as there is not much more room for more tunnels and with the city buildings, roads cannot expand.

As mentioned before the residents of Sydney feel this pain the most. Heading across town or on a busy Sydney road in the morning can turn a normal 20min journey into over an hour in peak traffic.

Of course to overcome this the government has tried to encourage people to use public transport whenever possible. This would reduce the amount of cars on the roads, however Sydney-siders love their personalised method of transport. I believe there needs to be more incentive to ride the public transport. As at the moment public transport does not really save time. Even with some express services and restricted bus lanes in the CBD areas, it has still not a significant success.

Back to the original question: Is Sydney running out of roadways? Well I believe for the CBD areas it already has. Roads are congested and I cannot see how there could possibly be any more tunnels put underneath the city itself. I believe the only solution is for the government to focus more on public transport. Make it more attractive and streamlined.

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