Beware of Speeding Drivers Through Roadworks

Rear-side view of carKeeping safe on Sydney Roads can often present a challenge. A simple flying stone kicked up from a speeding car can damage a car’s windshield and requires a windscreen repair.

The roadways are full of many road signs to become familiar with and peak hour traffic sees many people on the road. However it seems that the lack of care for speed zones can often impact the unsuspecting road user.

Roadwork zones often have enforceable speed zones for everyone safety. The problem is that many times a roadwork zone will have no workers onsite. Some unsafe drivers believe there is no reason to slow down during these times, even though the speed signs indicated that you must.

The problem arises when speeding cars kick up stray stones from the unsealed road and propel them flying toward the windscreen of another vehicle. A small rock flying at such speed can easily damage a windshield with a chip or full blow crack.

A small chip in one’s windscreen is many times overlooked however they may be unaware that it’s in their best interest to get the issue repaired as quickly as possible.

A chipped windscreen may require only a simple repair job that can be relatively cheap. However if left unattended the chip can turn into a crack that travel across the entire windshield. Even a crack larger than a 20 cent piece may be irreparable and require a full replacement.

As you can imagine a windscreen replacement is much more expensive than a simple repair.

We tell you this information to not only protect yourself but be aware of others. Steer clear of speeding cars through roadwork areas as you do not want to suffer such an accident.

If you were involved in a standard accident both drivers would be aware and your would stop to exchange details. However in the case of a flying chip the car who flung the stone is often unaware and will speed off. Leaving the driver who suffers the damaged windscreen to have to supply the full cost for the repair or replacement of the glass.

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